What We Do

"Conservation of the Environment", one of the four pillars of Gross National Happiness, cements Bhutan’s fervent dedication toward conservation. But at the same time, as time and development goals progress, priority for environmental conservation may lessen. WWF understands this threat and has been continuously assisting the Government of Bhutan in establishing a long-term solution of resolve.

To have sound conservation management, WWF and the government have been jointly working together for the past three decades to enhance implementation capacity in the field; ensure key iconic species thrive in harmony with humans; and provide sustainable options for communities so that their dependence on the forest resources is minimized.

WWF activities include:
Research and study
Habitat management
Human wildlife conflict initiatives
Anti-poaching projects
Capacity building
Infrastructure support
Integrated conservation development programs
Education and awareness
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Blue Poppy - National Flower of Bhutan
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