About Us

WWF's conservation efforts in Bhutan can be traced back to as early as the 1977 when it first began assisting the Royal Government of Bhutan with capacity building support. 

Since then, WWF Bhutan Program has been able to support other aspects vital for environmental conservation such as research & study, education & awareness, illegal wildlife trade and anti-poaching, human-wildlife conflict and sustainable livelihoods.

WWF has been working closely with communities in and around protected areas through various educational and participatory initiatives to raise awareness and to generate a sense of ownership for the prestine environment that Bhutan has been bestowed with. 

Looking ahead, WWF Bhutan aims to work closely with the government and local communities to reduce human induced pressure and threats on the environment. While doing so, WWF also looks to enhancing capacity & knowledge within the country.

WWF Bhutan Program has also started inculcating climate smart approaches in Bhutan's Protected Area Management System.

Our Vision

Conserving and sustaining natural resources and biological diversity so that our future generations live in harmony with nature.

Our Goal

Conservation and managment of the natural biodiversity of Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex (B2C2) in harmony with the values and aspirations of the people.