WWF Bhutan celebrates World Rangers Day with the launch of a new ranger comic book series

Posted on 31 July 2021

Thimphu - WWF Bhutan has launched a new rangers comic book series, “The Adventures of Jamphel and Acho Chaa” to celebrate World Rangers Day 2021. The comic book series is the first-of-its-kind in Bhutan and was developed by WWF Bhutan to celebrate the work that rangers do and capture the young children’s interest in the profession of a ranger. 


This comic book series is envisioned to be a permanent and long-term series that will release a new issue every year in order to pay long-enduring tribute to the rangers of Bhutan. Each new issue will bring a thrilling story inspired by the real life adventures and struggles of rangers. 


This first issue called “Welcome to Royal Manas National Park” gives us the introduction to our main characters who will go on to work together in the next issues to solve puzzling mysteries and tackle the many challenges on the frontlines of conservation. The main character, Jamphel, is based on real-life ranger, Jamphel Lhendup who currently works at the Royal Manas National Park.


“It is our hope that the main characters of the series will become national emblems that will go on to inspire our young children to adopt values such as courage, resilience, perseverance, and integrity - values that all our rangers boldly embody and reflect”, said Sonam Yangchen, Program Officer at WWF Bhutan and the creator of the series. 


Future issues of the comic book will continue to be inspired by the incredible true stories from our rangers who work fearlessly to protect nature, wildlife, and people. 


For more information, please contact:


Sonam Yangchen 

Program Officer 

Youth and Education Program

WWF Bhutan