The Adventures of Jamphel and Acho Chha II

Posted on 03 August 2022
On the trail of the tiger
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Previously on the Adventure of Jamphel and Acho Chha; Jamphel is left out of patrolling team and goes on a photography assignment for a new book at the Royal Manas National Park. Alone in the wild, the young forester transferred to RMNP meets a Golden Langur who could talk to him. The duo becomes friend with this supernatural power to talk to each other.  Together they save a snared leopard at the park. Jamphel wins an applause for the amazing task from the team at the manas park.  
In this episode, Jamphel, and his team heads back to the wild, to retrieve the camera traps. As it is with the daily lives of our rangers in the field, uncertainties strike the team. Jamphel is separated from the team. However, it is at that moment, another amazing adventure unfolds for Jamphel.
Acho Chha and his old mate helps Jamphel find way back to the team. He comes out as a survivor, and as a hero to his colleague, Deki who almost fails to complete her study on tigers.
How did Jamphel help Deki? Who is Achho Cha’s old friend helping Jamphel reunite with his team? Download a copy of the comic book from our web. Enjoy the adventure on the trail of the Tiger.
Former WWF employee, Sonam Yangchen is the brain behind this comic series. Tshewang Namgay, Wang Rana Gurung and Tempa Rabgay from Thimphu comics were part of both the editions. The team did an important task, bringing the story of Jampel to life.
Our sincere acknowledgement goes to the team.
The comic book is inspired by a real-life Ranger – Jampel from the Royal Manas National Park.
WWF Bhutan launched the second edition of the comic book on World Ranger Day last week, the day that celebrates and honors rangers who lost their lives in line of duty, and the one’s at the frontline, saving nature and wild at this hour.
On the trail of the tiger
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The design team with WWF Bhutan on the launch day.
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