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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is Bhutan’s oldest conservation partner. Beginning in 1977 by supporting capacity development of local conservation staff, the support gradually evolved into a full country program with several collaborative conservation projects. WWF Bhutan has been supporting the royal government and people of Bhutan in a number of conservation efforts to protect and conserve Bhutan’s natural capital and the immense biological diversity.

WWF Bhutan works on various environmental conservation programs including research and study, education and awareness, promotion of sustainable livelihoods, protection of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, and addressing human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trade and climate change. READ MORE...


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Rangers in Bhutan's Royal Manas National Park on Patrol.

Bhutan’s national roll out of SMART patrolling

05 Jun 2016 Read more »
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Indian tigers (<i>Panthera tigris tigris</i>) fighting in the water Bangkok Zoo, Thailand.

Tiger resolution sets new paradigm for conservation

Tiger resolution sets new paradigm for conservation

14 Apr 2016 Read more »
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Earth Hour 2016 Towards young environmental stewards

In line with this year’s Earth Hour theme – “Shine a light on climate action”, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Bhutan went beyond the hour and focused ...

20 Mar 2016 Read more »
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Tiger Survey - BHUTAN

103 wild tigers in Bhutan - A Roaring Success

Bhutan celebrates Global Tiger Day. Declares 103 wild tigers in its verdant forests with tigers spotted between 150 meters to as high as 4,200 meters ...

04 Aug 2015 Read more »
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