Celebrating World Forest Day (21 March) and World Water Day (22 March) with WWF Bhutan Pandas

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22 March 2021

Forest Theme – “Restoration a path to recovery and wellbeing” 
Freshwater Theme – “Valuing Water” 

WWF Bhutan Panda family celebrated the special day with prayers in the office shrine followed by planting of trees in the office garden. In the afternoon, the staff participated in the River Walk to observe the water birds and also did cleaning along the Thimphu river Babesa sewerage pond area. These ponds have become important wetland habitats for the migratory water birds, who fly thousands of kilometers across the mighty Himalayas (part of the Asian Flyways) to be in Bhutan. Most of birds seemed to have left the area now, but there were still a few flocks of Ruddy Shelduck, Red-crested Pochard, a pair of River Lapwing, lone Ibisbill and Common Teal. 

While, it was refreshing and joyful to observe the water birds and hear their calls but the garbage thrown indiscriminately around the pond area and along the river is a sore sight and a real concern. The team collected about 10 large sacks of garbage from the area in just a little more than one hour. But how long can we keep cleaning like this while the large section of the Bhutanese population lack the civic sense of taking care of one’s own garbage. 
So, on this special day, let’s take care of our garbage and make a prayer that every single Bhutanese becomes responsible to take care of our garbage. May we value and appreciate nature, our forests, watersheds, springs, wetlands, streams and rivers and all natural ecosystems and species that live on both land and below water. May we live in harmony with nature and continue to be blessed with the vital ecosystem services that sustains us and our economy and may we use it wisely and take care of our precious green and white gold.
Wishing all happy and blessed World Water Day!
Contributed by Sonam Choden, Freshwater Specialist.