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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is Bhutan’s oldest conservation partner. Beginning in 1977 by supporting capacity development of local conservation staff, the support gradually evolved into a full country program with several collaborative conservation projects. WWF Bhutan has been supporting the royal government and people of Bhutan in a number of conservation efforts to protect and conserve Bhutan’s natural capital and the immense biological diversity.

WWF Bhutan works on various environmental conservation programs including research and study, education and awareness, promotion of sustainable livelihoods, protection of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, and addressing human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trade and climate change. READ MORE...


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Celebrating World Forest Day (21 March) and World Water Day (22 March) with WWF Bhutan Pandas

WWF Bhutan Panda family celebrated the special day with prayers in the office shrine followed by planting of trees in the office garden. In the ...

22 Mar 2021 Read more »
Annual Work Plan and Budgeting (AWPB) workshop

Annual Work Plan and Budgeting (AWPB) workshop, 2021 for Living Landscapes: securing High Conservation Values (HCVs) in ...

The AWPB, 2021 was held on 12 March, 2021 at Jambayang Resort, Thimphu. The day-long workshop was attended by implementing partners and stakeholders ...

15 Mar 2021 Read more »
World Wildlife Day Collection

World Wildlife Day - 3 March 2021

The Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS), Govt. Organization,WWF Bhutan, and RSPN organized an intimate gathering of conservation partners ...

03 Mar 2021 Read more »

WWF-Bhutan Corporate Partnerships Report FY20

This WWF office has not been involved in a formal bilateral partnership with a company in FY20.

01 Mar 2021 Read more »

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From Waterways to Flyways International Cooperation Matters

Every winter when cold shrouds the beautiful valley of Phobjekha and icy wind sweeps the open hillsides, the local village population wait eagerly ...

08 May 2021 Read more »

Delving Deeper on International Mother Earth Day 2021

Little over a decade ago, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 22 April as International Mother Earth Day. Member states acknowledged that ...

22 Apr 2021 Read more »

Environmental DNA, a giant leap forward in biodiversity assessment

It is perhaps the fundamental drive in human behaviour which we call curiosity that makes us distinct from fellow inhabitants of the earth. Although ...

18 Mar 2021 Read more »

Evolution: The Unstoppable Stagecoach

It has been over a century and a half since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species (1859). His work revolutionized scientific thinking but ...

30 Nov 2020 Read more »