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Destination Tx2 – Still afar or almost there?

Tigers are amongst the most spectacular of the exquisite big cats. There is no place where their mention is unheard of. From legends to myths, art to ...

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My Tryst with Himalayan Marmots

My Tryst with Himalayan Marmots

My recent trip to Laya, one of the highland villages under Gasa district in the northwestern part of Bhutan brought in my tryst with a big rodent ...

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From Waterways to Flyways International Cooperation Matters

Every winter when cold shrouds the beautiful valley of Phobjekha and icy wind sweeps the open hillsides, the local village population wait eagerly ...

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Delving Deeper on International Mother Earth Day 2021

Little over a decade ago, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 22 April as International Mother Earth Day. Member states acknowledged that ...

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Environmental DNA, a giant leap forward in biodiversity assessment

It is perhaps the fundamental drive in human behaviour which we call curiosity that makes us distinct from fellow inhabitants of the earth. Although ...

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Evolution: The Unstoppable Stagecoach

It has been over a century and a half since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species (1859). His work revolutionized scientific thinking but ...

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Bending the Curve

GIGO OR BINGO? Let’s bend the curve…

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is a computer science phrase which means bad input will result in bad output. The phrase is often used to describe ...

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In Awe With the Eternal Sound of Nature

The chirping of birds at the break of dawn heralds the start of a new day. While urban folks are deep in slumber, chimneys in far-flung villages ...

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Tales from the field

Working for the past 9 years in WWF Bhutan has given me an opportunity to understand the environment and appreciate nature in a more delightful way. ...

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Chening on a birding trip in Paro


WWF Bhutan's Chening Dorji shares his experience on birding in Bhutan and his book the Wings of the Dragon.

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