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Nature Perspectives

Evolution: The Unstoppable Stagecoach

It has been over a century and a half since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species (1859). His work revolutionized scientific thinking but ...

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Bending the Curve

GIGO OR BINGO? Let’s bend the curve…

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is a computer science phrase which means bad input will result in bad output. The phrase is often used to describe ...

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In Awe With the Eternal Sound of Nature

The chirping of birds at the break of dawn heralds the start of a new day. While urban folks are deep in slumber, chimneys in far-flung villages ...

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Tales from the field

Working for the past 9 years in WWF Bhutan has given me an opportunity to understand the environment and appreciate nature in a more delightful way. ...

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Chening on a birding trip in Paro


WWF Bhutan's Chening Dorji shares his experience on birding in Bhutan and his book the Wings of the Dragon.

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