Write a review and be the part of Earth Hour 2024

Posted on
15 February 2024

Since the beginning in 2007, Earth Hour, brought together millions of people from over 190 countries, inspiring the young and enthusiastic minds to act on the problems facing the planet earth. This was done through the iconic movement of switching off lights for an hour every Earth Hour.  
In 2023, Earth Hour stepped up the call for actions and awareness creating the Biggest Hour for Earth, calling people across the globe to spend 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet. It can be as simple as watching a documentary film that shows light on nature and climate crisis.  
WWF-Bhutan has planned a series of events and platforms to be the part of the global campaign. We are starting off with the documentary film review writing competition for interested individuals aged 15 and under 21.  
Be inspired by the stories of our guardians of the Himalayan foothills and share your views with us. We will be selecting three winners – first, second, and third. The winners will win a cash prize, which will be announced on March 23 during the Earth Hour celebration.  

Can an hour change the world? 
Just 60 minutes. It may not seem like much, but the magic happens when you, and those like you in Asia and Africa, North and South America, Oceania and Europe - supporters in over 190 countries and territories - all give an hour for our one home, creating the Biggest Hour for Earth. 
Last year, in just the first year of this campaign, Earth hour surpassed the target of reaching 60,000 hours given for Earth (equivalent to the 7 years until 2030) and saw an incredible total of more than 410,000 hours pledged on the ‘Hour Bank’. 
WWF-Bhutan aims to give the biggest hour to earth this year. This is your opportunity to be part of the change. Watch the documentary film and share your learnings about nature and planet with us this Earth Hour. 
We hope you will continue to learn about the nature loss and climate crisis and inspire your friends and families to act in every simple way to turn a single Earth Hour into millions of hours of actions for our mother earth.