Annual Work Plan and Budgeting (AWPB) workshop, 2021 for Living Landscapes: securing High Conservation Values (HCVs) in south-western Bhutan

Posted on
15 March 2021

The AWPB, 2021 was held on 12 March, 2021 at Jambayang Resort, Thimphu. The day-long workshop was attended by implementing partners and stakeholders namely; Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) staff from both central and field offices, National Land Commission Secretariat (NLCS), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Tarayana Foundation (TF) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Bhutan. A total of 30 participants attended it.

The primary objective of the workshop was to assess and agree on the activities. It is an annual planned activity that will provide a platform for the implementer to come together to share the lessons learned through the implementation of the planned activities. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AWPB 2021 agenda didn’t feature the session on lessons learned.

The opening session of the workshop began with remarks from the Mr. Vijay Moktan, Conservation Director, WWF BT, following welcome note from Pema Thinley, Program Director, Program Coordination Unit (PCU) of WWF Bhutan. In his remarks, Conservation Director highlighted the importance of the AWPB and informed the implementing partners attending the workshop that AWPB workshop should address what actions (activities), when, who to take these actions; and how to allocate and utilize the limited resources in a judicious manner. He also informed the participants the Project team which also includes the implementing partners have achieved significant progress despite COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, he welcomed the participants and thanked them for attending the workshop.