OD exercise for WWF-Bhutan concludes on an auspicious note

Posted on
09 January 2023
Paves way for OD strategy and strategic plan integration, and improved ownership
WWF-Bhutan completed a week-long organizational development exercise in Thimphu with the support from WWF- US, Country Office Unit, in November 2022. The workshop was conducted with an objective to make WWF Bhutan an office that is financially sustainable, known for operational excellence and delivering conservation impacts characterized by a culture of collaboration, innovation and credibility.
The OD exercise provided WWF-Bhutan an opportunity to discover strength and weakness, identify drivers that required changes to reinvent and reposition ourselves towards achieving desired organizational goal.  At the core of the workshop is the need for ownership. 
Organizational development workshop as a tool helped the team self-discover, self-reflect and evaluate the work culture. The OD process discussed challenges and opportunities for WWF-Bhutan while embarking on journey towards excellence for conservation impacts. 
The OD Exercise is one of the major transformational initiatives undertaken by WWF-Bhutan to contribute to our ‘Journey Towards Excellence for Conservation Impacts”.
The OD exercise also aspired to build a team through an understanding of ourselves and the way we interact with each other and create the enabling conditions to build a culture where our core values are constantly present in what we do.
The workshop worked towards determining opportunities to grow and improve through a participatory process of prioritization of key topics and identify and select the principal areas of work for a transformational process, set goals and interventions and agree on a prioritized action plan and a framework that becomes an integral part of the office strategic plan. 
In taking the OD strategy forward, we see the need to integrate OD strategy into the strategic plan. The advantage and the opportunity for WWF-Bhutan is making sure the integration is done. This  is an opportune time for us. We completed OD processes, and we are working on a strategic plan, this gives us an opportunity to integrate OD and SP. 
As part of the OD exercise, a DISC assessment was also undertaken to understand personality attributes of each employee.
The OD workshop ended on November 11, coinciding with the 67th birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan who had championed the environmental and conservation cause throughout his reign. 

The team from WWF-US inaugurated the visitor center that would serve as an information center to the conservation journey of WWF-Bhutan and the ongoing projects across the country. The team also launched the second edition of the book: On the wings of dragon.