World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is Bhutan’s oldest conservation partner. Beginning in 1977 by supporting capacity development of local conservation staff, the support gradually evolved into a full country program with several collaborative conservation projects. WWF Bhutan has been supporting the royal government and people of Bhutan in a number of conservation efforts to protect and conserve Bhutan’s natural capital and the immense biological diversity.

WWF Bhutan works on various environmental conservation programs including research and study, education and awareness, promotion of sustainable livelihoods, protection of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, and addressing human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trade and climate change. READ MORE...


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MoU Signing

Save the Children Bhutan and WWF-Bhutan sign MoU

Save the Children Bhutan and WWF-Bhutan signed an MoU today to establish partnership between the two organizations and explore areas of mutual ...

03 Mar 2023 Read more »
Foresters at the workshop

ToT workshop on SAFE System

A total of 30 participants participated in the three-day ToT program. The participants were from the Department of Forests and Park Services (both ...

10 Jan 2023 Read more »
OD exercise

OD exercise for WWF-Bhutan concludes on an auspicious note

The workshop was conducted with an objective to make WWF Bhutan an office that is financially sustainable, known for operational excellence and ...

09 Jan 2023 Read more »
Segregating the waste

Waste and Climate Change project concludes on a high note

Bhutan is a developing country, waste generation from homes, offices and commercials establishments are ample and increasing every year. However, the ...

06 Jan 2023 Read more »

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I collected some pictures from the local forest office, and our sighting resembled this young mother

My first tiger sighting in Bhutan

Beginning of this year, I saw my first wild tiger in Bhutan!As we drove back to our village homestay in Zhemgang, it was late dusk. It was a long day ...

04 Mar 2022 Read more »

Water - the Elixir of Life

“As a river flows across the land, it nurtures all living things that it comes across. All the plants and animals benefit from the water of the ...

04 Oct 2021 Read more »

Destination Tx2 – Still afar or almost there?

Tigers are amongst the most spectacular of the exquisite big cats. There is no place where their mention is unheard of. From legends to myths, art to ...

19 Jun 2021 Read more »
My Tryst with Himalayan Marmots

My Tryst with Himalayan Marmots

My recent trip to Laya, one of the highland villages under Gasa district in the northwestern part of Bhutan brought in my tryst with a big rodent ...

20 May 2021 Read more »