Climate Change & High Altitude Wetlands

WWF's Climate Change program is a relatively new program. WWF Bhutan is now focusing on mitigation, adaptation and more importantly mainstreaming Climate Change adaptation into conservation planning.

As a part of mitigation program in 2008-09, WWF Bhutan assisted with infrastructural back up of the technical team responsible for lowering the Thorthormi Lake in Lunana, a site for a potential Glacial Lake Outburst Flood in Bhutan. Since then, WWF Bhutan has also been involved in educating on Climate Change impacts through youth related activities.

In addition, WWF has initiated a  “Saving Wetlands Sky High" project  to achieve high altitude wetlands (HAW) conservation in the Himalayas.  Through this project, WWF successfully established an inventory of HAWs in Bhutan.

WWF was a key partner in hosting and participating in the Climate Summit for Living Himalayas which was held on 19th November, 2011.
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