Asiatic Elephant

Asiatic Elephants are confined to the southern plains and foothills amongst tall trees. Migration of the population is seasonal between India and Bhutan. In Bhutan,  they can be sighted in the districts of Samdrupjongkhar, Sarpang, Tsirang, Samtse, and Gedu.  

The tuskers tread the southern foothills over the border of Bhutan, with a habitat range of about 1,500 sq km and an altitude of about 300 meters. 

Severe crop and property damage by elephants over the years is a cause for concern between them and the local residents. Crop damage (mostly maize, paddy, millet, banana, areca nut trees and ginger) only further intensifies additional cost, labour and threat on limited food stock. The people in these areas are farmers who depend entirely on small scale agriculture for their sustenance.

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