Phrumsengla National Park (PNP)

PNP confirmed in 1998, is situated in the heart of the nation with an area of 905 sq km². With tall mountains approaching over 3,000 meters high and pristine forest ranging from alpine to subtropical broadleaf, PNP with 94% under forest cover becomes an indispensable central point for Biological Corridors. Falling within the park jurisdiction are parts of Bumthang, Mongar, Lhuentse and Zhemgang Dzongkhags.

Sixty-eight rare and endangered mammals’ species such as tiger, leopard, red panda and malayan giant squirrel have found their home here. The park has also revealed 620 plants species. As prominent frequent for birdwatchers, PNP has well over 341 species including the globally threatened rufous-necked hornbill, black necked cranes, blood pheasant, wood snipe, nuthatch, blue-naped pitta, brown wood owl, booted eagle, ultramarine flycatcher and back-headed shrike babbler.

Winter migration by park residents and overgrazing by livestock exhausts the forest resources. At the same migration pratices also paves ways for human-wildlife conflict.
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WWF Bhutan/Thrimshingla National park
© WWF Bhutan