Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS)

...a lost world

Located in the eastern most part of the country, SWS has an area of 739 sq km² of alpine meadow and temperate and warm broadleaf forests. Three major rivers- Manas Chu, Bada Chu and Dhansiri Chu - have their origin here.

Red panda, Himalayan black bear, Wild dog, Snow leopard, Barking deer, and Himalayan red fox add to the mammal richness of the park. Avifaunal species like Assamese macaque, Blood pheasant, Grey backed shrike, Grey headed woodpecker, Common hoopoe, Rufous vented tit and Dark breasted rose finch are found here too. Bhutan’s national flower, Blue poppy is also found here as well as Rhododendrons, Primulas, Gentiana and Cordyceps, a plant ranking high in its medicinal value.

SWS is also home to the much talked about villages- Merak and Sakteng. The 6000 inhabitants of these villages called Brokpas have a unique way of life. They are basically nomads rearing yaks and herds of cattle for sustenance.

Overgrazing by cattle and overexploitation of forest resources are negatively impacting the biodiversity of the park.  
Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary 
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